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Our Story

Albantsho comes to life as a blend of two words: ‘Albasa’, the Hausa word for onion, and the Setswana word for black, ‘Ntsho’. This translates to Black Onion which speaks loudly of our vision to leverage technologically to unfold the many layers of African stories left untapped.

As screenwriters and filmmakers themselves, Julie Ako and Nikita Mokgware from Nigeria and Botswana respectively, founded Albantsho in 2020 after they realised that a long-term career in film was in fact a difficult journey you had to craft yourself with little or no support structures.

And so our big question became “how do we make this easier and more rewarding for the thousands of screenwriters and film creatives across Africa?”

Our goal is to showcase the potential of African storytelling, foster authentic content representative of a burgeoning Africa, and empower the creatives right at the heart of it. For us, every great film starts with a script, and building an ecosystem of products that take scripts from the page to the screen while stimulating a new wave of authentic African films is why we do this. This is Albantsho.

Our vision

Everyone is invited. At Albantsho, the bedrock of storytelling is the true representation of diverse people. By creating a tool that not only enhances stories but also ensures that they end up on the screen; We encourage the audience's access to meaningful entertainment as well as narratives of themselves in voices they recognize.

With growing global investment in motion pictures in Africa, a higher demand is been placed on authentic stories from diverse voices. The north star now points clearly that we must go beyond writing as personal ventures to implementing solutions that flatten the playing field for everyone with a story.

Albantsho is a movement, and we’ve charged ourselves with finding bold new narratives of Africa by Africans while empowering the screenwriters dreaming them up. The objective for us is to deliver technology solutions across filmmaking touchpoints that transform the African film landscape to compete favorably with global contemporaries.

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